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  1. Cookies called "cookies" on the internet and translated as "web cookies" into our language can be defined as small text files that can be transported by the website you visit or download to your desktop device by the relevant site. The cookies such as the IP address you accessed, the web session information, and the web pages you browse on the relevant site are stored in the cookie files. Websites using cookies; Keeps you signed in to sites that require membership, stores your browsing preferences during site visits, displays content based on your interests. While it is possible to categorize cookie files in many ways, they are generally divided into two as first-party (cookies used by the site itself) and third party (cookies from other websites). It is also possible to classify cookies based on their temporary and permanent.
  2. The main use of cookies is to increase the speed of the website and to reduce internet consumption. Apart from this, session information is also stored and it is aimed to increase the user experience positively. The purpose of using content-based cookies is to bring the content of interest to the visitor.
  3. Cekilisgram; It uses both first-party cookies and third-party cookies. All third party cookies belong to world-renowned web companies such as Google, Yandex, Windows, Alexa. When we add new ones to our third-party cookies, we announce them through this policy page
  4. It is possible to block the cookies you do not want to use from the web browser you access. However, if you block some cookie files, some features on the system may not be available. In this context, we advise you not to block the cookies needed by Cekilisgram®. Because cookies have no known harm to the device and software you use during the visit. You can still use the links below to manage cookies:
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