Privacy Policy

Cekilisgram®; accepts and undertakes that all members, users, and persons visiting the site for any reason will not share their information with third parties. However, the following cases are exceptions from the previous sentence:

Turkish Republic, the judicial institutions, law enforcement agencies, BTK, the information requested in writing by institutions such as the TK; It is forwarded to the said institutions within the period determined by law.

Cekilisgram does not store IP address records in terms of user privacy and security. In addition, since the payments made by credit card and the password information entered in each area of ​​the site are hidden in the 256 bit SSL certificate; It cannot be viewed by the raffle program.

Web servers where Cekilisgram site, Instagram lottery software, customer records are stored; protected by high-security software. However, it is not correct to say that all the measures taken on the internet are 100% safe. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not use the passwords you use on our site in another account.

Cekilisgram; reserves the right to change the privacy policy written on this page periodically in order to keep up with current technology and changing laws. In this context, we strongly recommend that you check this page and the last update date at the end of the article each time you visit the site.

Last Updated: 03.01.2021